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Graduate Training

For young scientists we offer courses for Scientific Training at our institute, e.g., the MICMoR Summer Schools and Technical Short Courses. IFU’s scientists also perform courses at various universities (see Teaching).

Upcoming scientific courses at our institute and else:

to be announced

At the monthly PhD Seminar at IMK-IFU, PhD students present results of their on-going PhD work. The seminar is a forum for the constructive discussion, feedback and exchange of PhD work in a friendly environment of fellow doctoral students and scientist colleagues at IMK-IFU. The presenting students should expect to receive constructive feedback about their work, but hopefully also ideas for new aspects and new ways to pursue further their research. This seminar should be considered as an opportunity to practice further your presentation skills before a small audience, where the students can learn to respond to critical questions and comments in a professional manner. For the next PhD seminar see News.

Courses for Professional Skills Training are provided at IMK-IFU or KIT. They focus, e.g., on scientific writing, presentation techniques etc., thereby supporting young scientists in professional competencies for their later careers.