Industry Session 2011

Yoshiki Nishida

NTT Electronics

Wavelength conversion lasers for gas sensing

Naota Akikusa

Hamamatsu Photonics

Recent developments for quantum -ascade lasers and IR-detectors

Markus Ortsiefer


Achievements and frontiers for VCSELs in TDLS applications

Lars Hildebrandt


Tunable multi-segment quantum cascade lasers




Antoine Mueller

Alpes Lasers

Three broadband quantum-cascade lasers covering a range from 6 to 12.6 mm

Paul Hoffman

LM Aculight

Extending the wavelength tuning and power capability of CW OPOs

Sam Crivello

Daylight Solutions

Applications of commercialized external cavity quantum cascade lasers

Johannes Kunsch

Laser Components

Micromachined microphones with piezoresistive readout for photoacoustic gas sensors




Frank Jäger

Delta Analytics

Comparison of isotope and trace gas measurements from FTIR and NDIR instruments

Joerg Kutzner

Vista Photonics

Low power, low cost optical multi-gas sensor suitable for spaceflight

Michael Frish

PSI / Maxion Tech.

TDLAS Analyzers for energy production, transmission, and storage

Peter Geiser

Norsk Elektro Optikk

A fiber-coupled near-infrared carbon monoxide spectrometer for harsh environments

Wolfgang Ziegler


Reliable and quick ppm analysis of carbon monoxide by use of in-situ TDL spectroscopy




Hamish Adam

Boreal Laser

Fugitive Emission Mapping using a small number of TDLAS paths

James Scherer

Thermo Fisher

MIR dfference frequency laser-based sensors for ambient CH4, CO, and N2O monitoring

Doug Baer

Los Gatos Research

Recent advances in instrumentation based on cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy

Barry McManus

Aerodyne Research

New quantum cascade laser based trace gas instruments

George Burba

LI-COR Biosciences

A new open path instrument to measure environmental methane flux by eddy covariance