Applied Physics B Special Issue

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The FLAIR 2009 special issue is available online at Springers Applied Physics B


· P. Werle and F. D´Amato, “Editorial : Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research”

· P. Cancio, S. Bartalini, S. Borri, I. Galli, G. Gagliardi, G. Giusfredi, P. Maddaloni, P. Malara, D. Mazzotti, P. De Natale: "Frequency-comb-referenced mid-IR sources for next-generation environmental sensors"

· T. Laurila, I.S. Burns, J. Hult, J.H. Miller, C.F. Kaminski: "A calibration method for broad bandwidth cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy performed with supercontinuum radiation"

· S.G. So, E. Jeng, G. Wysocki: "VCSEL based Faraday Rotation Spectroscopy with a Modulated and Static Magnetic Field for Trace Molecular Oxygen Detection"

· B. Lins, F. Pflaum, R. Engelbrecht, B. Schmauss: "Absorption line strengths of 15NH3 in the near infrared spectral region"

· S. Welzel, J. Röpcke: "Non-linear absorption effects using pulsed quantum cascade lasers"

· P. Werle: "Accuracy and precision of laser spectrometers for trace gas sensing in the presence of optical fringes and atmospheric turbulence"

· B. Löhden, S. Kuznetsova, K. Sengstock, V. M. Baev, A. Goldman, S. Cheskis, B. Pálsdóttir: "Fiber laser intracavity absorption spectroscopy for in situ multicomponent gas analysis in the atmosphere and combustion environments"

· J.M. Porter, J.B. Jeffries, and R.K. Hanson: "Mid-infrared laser-absorption diagnostic for vapor-phase fuel mole fraction and liquid fuel film thickness"

· R.Q. Iannone, R. Morlacchi, R. Calabria, and P. Massoli: "Investigation of unburned carbon particles in fly ash by means of laser light scattering"

· A. Rihan, E. Andrieux, T. Zanon-Willette, S. Briaudeau, M. Himbert, J.-J. Zondy: "A pump-resonant signal-resonant optical parametric oscillator for spectroscopic breath analysis"

· M.F. Witinski, D.S. Sayres, and J.G. Anderson: "High Precision Methane Isotopologue Ratio Measurements at Ambient Mixing Ratios Using Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy"

· J. Chen, A. Hangauer, R. Strzoda, M. C. Amann: "2.3 μm VCSEL-based Calibration-free Carbon Monoxide Sensor with in-line Reference Cell"

· D. McDermitt, G. Burba, L. Xu, T. Anderson, A. Komissarov, J. Schedlbauer, D. Zona, W. Oechel, S. Oberbauer, G. Starr and S. Hastings: "A new low-power, open path instrument for measuring methane flux by Eddy Covariance"

· D. Sonnenfroh and K. Parameswaran: "Diode Laser-Based Sensor for High Precision Measurements of ambient CO2 in Network Applications"

· B.H. Lee, E.C. Wood, M.S. Zahniser, J.B. McManus, D.D. Nelson, S.C. Herndon, G.W. Santoni, S.C. Wofsy and J.W. Munger: "Simultaneous measurements of atmospheric HONO and NO2 via absorption spectroscopy using tunable mid-infrared continuous-wave quantum cascade lasers"