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Head of Research Group
PD Dr. Ralf Kiese


Bio-Geo-Chemical Processes: Research Groups
Long Term Monitoring Forest Research Station 'Höglwald'

Research Group: Ecosystem Matter Fluxes

Research Scope
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The work focuses on the detailed analyses and quantification of C and N matter fluxes in natural, semi-natural and agricultural ecosystems being sensitive to changes in climate, land use and management and their exchange of matter with the adjacent compartments atmosphere and hydrosphere. Special emphasis is given to long-term observation of environmental parameters and cross-compartment fluxes of e.g. trace gases, nitrate, DOC in order to get resilient datasets for documenting and understanding of global change effects on bio-geo-chemical nutrient cycling in the terrestrial biosphere. The activities comprise the establishment and operation of long-term measuring stations and project based field sites as well as laboratory process studies for the determination of C and N turnover processes and associated exchange of environmentally important trace substances between the biosphere-atmosphere (CO2, CH4, N2O, N2, NO, NO2) and -hydrosphere (DOC, DON, DIC, DON) applying state of the art measuring techniques. Datasets are used for further development and testing of bio-geo-chemical models.