Global Land-Ecosystem Modelling

Landwirtschaftliche FlächeGabi Zachmann, KIT

The Global Land Ecosystem Modelling group is interested in how land ecosystems, climate change and land-use change interact globally. A number of related key questions are explored through a range of modelling approaches, to also identify solutions to sustainable development arising from land system dynamics. We conduct our research as part of many international research co-operations and joint activities such as model-intercomparison projects.

Three core topics are covered by the group:

  1. Land-climate interactions, specifically how the processes that control carbon, water and nitrogen flows in ecosystems respond to changes in temperature and precipitation
  2. Ecosystem functional diversity and services, specifically how we can better link biodiversity and ecosystem processes in global-scale modelling
  3. Impacts and future of land use, specifically how socio-economic factors and climate change affect productivity, crop and forest yields, and how different land management strategies could serve to maintain and enhance these sustainably.

More information about our research group

Almut Arneth
Almut Arneth
Head of Division