KIT/IMK-IFU Staff Council

A separate Staff Council in Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Why?
  • Due to the large geographical distance to Karlsruhe, KIT/IMK-IFU has the status of an independent institute and as such elects its own staff council. The KIT-Campus Alpin Staff Council comprises five honorary members.
  • Due to the physical proximity, this staff council can better address local problems and specific circumstances of the location.
  • The KIT/IMK-IFU Staff Council is subject to the same provisions of the Baden-Württemberg State Staff Representation Act (LPVG) as the staff council in Karlsruhe with whom the KIT/IMK-IFU Staff Council fosters an active cooperation and exchange.
  • Carsten Jahn (chair)
  • Anja Schäfler-Schmid (deputy chair)
  • Christoph Sörgel
  • Karina Winkler
  • Sylvia Kratz

Reserve Members

  • Edwin Haas
  • Christopher Holst
  • Kathrin Fuchs
  • Julius Polz

The tasks of the KIT-Campus Alpin Staff Council include  

  • Involvement in personnel decisions
  • Settlement and monitoring of service agreements
  • To ensure that all employees are treated equally and in accordance with the law
  • To introduce measures for the benefit of employees
  • To work towards a resolution of employee disputes and concerns
  • Convene staff meetings
Personalrat KIT/IMK-IFU Markus Breig, KIT
KIT/IMK-IFU Staff Council: f. l. Christoph Sörgel, Anja Schäfler-Schmid, Karina Winkler, Christopher Holst, Carsten Jahn, Edwin Haas, Sylvia Kratz